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      Since the birth of Sharpstar 20032PNT, an extremely-fast parabolic Newtonian reflective astrograph, customers now have a better option for their astrophotoraphic activities. The 20032PNT is designed with a 200mm f/3.2 parabolic primary mirror, a 90mm-minor-axis flatten secondary mirror, a 3" four-element 0.85×coma corrector, which can reduce the original focal ratio to an amazing f/3.2. It comes second to none when compared with other domestic competitors. The main tube is solidly and durably made of carbon fiber material, which is also stunning and lightweight. The mirrors are made from Pyrex-alike material, more stable than traditional reflective glass.
      Both mirrors are applied with advanced aluminum coatings, which ensure the practical reflectivity up to 96%. The integrated strut supporting the secondary mirror is rigorously constructed. The spikes will not be easily distorted or bent during the use. The 3" rack-and-pinion focuser, with its heavy-duty design makes sure the accessories firmly attached onto it will not slip away.

      All the connecting components are made from CNC manufactured aluminum. The artistically pierced tube rings and the neat-looking handle together with the upgraded mechanical performance can further satisfy the astronomy enthusiasts.
      There is a four-element corrector laid in the optical path, an essential part in the whole optical system to guarantee sophisticated full-frame imaging and excellent vignette control. The focuser is tapped with M54×0.75 thread and designed with standard 55mm back focus, user-friendly for customers to attach most stock imaging devices. When thread on a M54-to-M48 adapter ring(standard), the back-focus is 52mm.

      Aperture size:200mm
      Focal length:760mm
      Focal ratio:f/3.8
      Primary mirror material:PZ33(similar to Pyrex glass)
      Corrector:four-element air-spaced lens structure
      Reduction factor of corrector:0.85×
      Focal length after using corrector:640mm
      Focal ratio after using corrector:f/3.2
      Minor axis:90mm
      Image circle:44mm
      Field of view:3.76°(full frame)
      Tube material:carbon fiber
      Tube outer diameter:280.5mm
      Tube length:633mm
      Net weight:8kg
      Gross weight:9.46kg(including the dust cap, tube rings, handle and wide dovetail plate)
      Resolution:0.6 arc seconds
      Focuser:3" focuser with fine adjustment
      Limiting visual magnitude:13.2
      Back focus:55mm(starting from the base of M54 thread on the housing)