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         SHARPSTAR's newly developed ultra-short focal ratio paraboloid Newtonian reflector 20032PNT was launched, which filled a domestic gap in this field. The focal ratio of the whole system reached F3.2 by using a 200mmF3.8 paraboloid, a 90mm plane secondary mirror of short axis, and a 3-inch quartette 0.85 times error correction mirror, has been leading in the domestic market of similar products. Carbon fiber main tube is light, durable and so elegant appearance, which uses Pyrex materials is more stable than conventional reflective materials.
        The primary and secondary mirrors are all made of reinforced aluminum coating, and the reflectivity is ensured to be above 96%. The secondary mirror cross is formed once to ensure firm and not deformed. 3-inch special geared focuser device to ensure the attachment when shooting without slipping, and smooth operation.
        The whole CNC aluminum parts and hollow out type tube ring, the novel handle will improve the appearance and mechanical quality to a new height, making the overall look more close to the needs of enthusiasts.
        The optical path also contains a quartette image-field correction mirror, which, in combination with the system, ensures full field photography and excellent peripheral reduction control, easy access to most of the imaging terminals on the market and perfect focusing with the M54×0.75 threaded at the end of the focuser and the 55mm focal plane (M48×0.75 thread with 52mm rear focal length).