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      Sharpstar 2" 0.95× coma corrector can be applied to most marketable Newtonian reflective astrographs. It’s of high quality and easy to use. Sharpstar 2" 0.95× coma corrector is designed for APS-C imaging circles(28mm), suitable for Newtonian reflectors with focal ratio between f/3 and f/6, and aperture size from 150mm to 600mm. The reduction factor is 0.95×, thus it can reduce the original f/4, f/5 and f/6 respectively to f/3.8, f/4.75 and f/5.7, effectively shortening the exposure time. Besides, it can improve the star shapes. The diameter of stars in the center of the field can be limited within 10um.
      Application:150-600mm, f/3-3/6 parabolic reflectors
      Reduction factor:0.95×
      Image circle:44mm(maximum), 28mm(optimal)
      Lens:triplet structure
      Outer diameter:50.8mm(2")
      Back focus:56mm(starting from the field-stop-ring to the focal plane)
      Coating:full-surface multi-layer coatings