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      Following the advent of 0.95x coma corrector for Newtonian reflector, SHARPSTAR optics has well received the favor of customers with high praise.
      A new 1x full-frame coma corrector is now available to meet the needs of different market segments. Optimized for the aberration correction, it adopts a new Quadruplet air-spaced design, which includes an extra-low dispersion lens, same as the 0.95x, it features 2" with 55mm focal length, which is very convenient and simple to connect your imaging equipment.

      Suitable model:150mm-600mm, paraboloid reflector
      Focal ratio: F3-F6
      Magnification: 1.0x
      Image Circle:  available scope of 44mm
      The lens number: Quadruplet
      Outer diameter: φ50.8mm (2")
      Back focus: 55mm (Distance between the end face of the baffle ring and the focal plane)
      Overall Length: 118.7mm
      Optical Coatings: Fully multi-coated
      Weight: 0.35kg