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      Mark III is a lightweight and portable German equatorial mount with a delicate harmonic gear system. Despite its lightweight of 7.95kg, Mark III boasts outstanding payload capacity, quick dynamic response and accurate data-transmission and processing. It’s a great option for astro-observation or astrophotography, and a handy and functional helper along your journey to the universe exploration.

      Number              Item                                         Note
      A                 counterweight                  to balance the Mark III mount
      B           main body of Mark III mount
      C                package of tools              Thumb screws for fixing EQ mount on tripod×2;
                                                                 azimuth adjustment post×1; M1.3 Allen wrench×1
      D               counterweight bar             a safety screw at the bottom
      E            package of power cable       power adapter×1;power cable×1
      F            cable of hand controller        to connect the hand controller and Mark III mount
      G                 hand controller                to operate Mark III mount

      Please be sure to read the Instruction Manual of Mark III before using the mount, and strictly follow the steps illustrated in it.

      Mark III equatorial mount is powered by Onstep, a fantastic open source software. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the developers and all relevant contributors who have helped a lot to improve the Onstep software. We will also do our best to make possible improvements and modifications to Onstep based on the practical operations to make this software and thus our equatorial mount perform more smoothly.

      OnStep is open source free software, licensed under the GPL:LICENSE.txt.