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      Based on the enormous success of the 65Q, SharpStar now launched their latest gem, the 71SDQ to meet the increasing demand of fans.
       The 71SDQ adopts a quadruplet fully-separated structure. One of them is a Japanese brand of Super ED glass with a focal length of 450 mm, focal ratio f/6.3, the focal plane is 145 mm from the end face of the 360° rotation adapter. The enormous back focal distance provides ample space for any visual or photographic equipment. It can also be used to connect 1.25" or 2" zenith mirrors (diagonal mirrors) and corresponding standard eyepieces available through our website, making the 71SDQ a multi-purpose star observation and imaging APO telescope.
      Product parameters:
      Model: Ruixing (SharpStar) 71 SDQ
      Objective type: quadruplet fully separated APO (one of which is SD glass)
      Aperture: 71 mm
      Focal length: 450mm
      Focus ratio: f/6. 3
      Fully illuminated image circle: 44mm
      Accessories: a pair of tube rings and dovetail bar
      Limiting Star Magnitude: 11
      Resolution: 1.67 angular seconds
      Main tube outer diameter: 80mm (tube ring size)
      Accessories: a pair of tube rings and dovetail bar
      Net weight: 2.15kg (excluding tube rings and dovetail plate)
      Total weight: 2.5kg (including tube rings and dovetail plate)