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      SharpStar 72ED telescope features:
      • 72MM f/5.6 doublet full separation optical design
      • Includes one ED lens of Japanese OHARA FPL-53 Super ED lens
      • Modular design to meet the different needs of observation and imaging
      • New 2" dual-speed rack and pinion focuser, 10:1 fine focus
      • 2" and 1.25" universal interfaces
      • Angle adjuster for 360 degree rotation
      • Universal (Vixen-style) dovetail bar with tube rings
      • Comes with a finderscope shoe
      The SharpStar 72ED refracting telescope is a doublet fully separated design that includes one exotic FPL-53ED lens and multi-layer coating on all surfaces to reduce internal reflections.
      The SharpStar 72ED provides a very good observation and shooting system thanks to its fast focal ratio. The unique doublet design incorporates a special ED lens, which helps to control chromatic aberration very well, makes the stars look sharp, and the image more vivid.
      The SharpStar 72ED also comes with an impressive focusing system while providing an excellent optical system. The SharpStar 72ED comes with a precision 2" rack and pinion dual speed focuser. Compared with many refractors on the market, the use of a rack and pinion focuser offers larger payload and a stronger hold, so that your focuser will not slip and you don’t need to be worried about being out of focus or badly framed image when using heavy-duty observation accessories or camera. The 360-degree rotator allows you to easily rotate the shooting angle and correct the framing to your own satisfaction. The focuser's 2" international standard interface with brass compression ring does not let your accessories to scratch.
      In addition, the 72ED can be equipped with a dedicated 2-inch field flattener for astrophotography, which provides excellent image quality and avoids field edge star distortion.
      The SharpStar 72ED is a reasonably priced observational and imaging tool with fast-focus ratio that features exotic FPL-53 super ED glass, high quality heavy duty 2-inch rack and pinion focuser; when compared to other similar products on the market, its value is self-evident.
      Product parameters:
      Model: Ruixing (SharpStar) 72ED
      Objective type: doublet fully separated (air spaced) APO (one of which is FPL-53 ED glass)
      Aperture: 72mm
      Focal length: 400mm
      Focus ratio: f/5.6
      Visual Limiting Star Magnitude: 11
      Resolution: 1.67 arc seconds
      Main tube outer diameter: 78mm (tube ring size)
      Accessories: a pair of tube rings and dovetail bar
      Net weight: 1.62kg (excluding tube rings)
      Total length of telescope (with extended lens shade): 320mm (excluding 6cm extending tube)