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      SharpStar 86SQ telescope features:
      • 86MM f/5.4 quadruplet full separation optical design
      • Includes two Super ED Japanese lens elements
      • Flatfield performance (no need for field flattener due to the optical design...)
      • New 3" dual-speed rack and pinion focuser, 10:1 fine focus
      • 2" and 1.25" universal interfaces
      • Angle adjuster for 360 degree rotation
      • Universal (Vixen-style) dovetail bar with tube rings
      • Comes with a finderscope shoe
      • Hard case included 
      Astro photo enthusiasts, here is a good news, SharpStar is now introducing the 86SQ, the big brother of the famous 71SDQ!
      The SharpStar 86SQ features a new quadruplet fully detached (air spaced) structure, two of which are super ED glass, which eliminates residual chromatic aberrations and optimizes the optical structure for a more vivid image.
      The 86SQ is specifically designed for deep-space widefield astro photography with a focal length of 460mm and a focal ratio of f/5.4. The use of two ultra-low dispersion glass elements also guarantees excellent performance in the case of such fast focal ratio.
      The 86SQ weighs 4kg and is easy to carry. It can be loaded into a small bag and carried on an airplane. It can be combined with a lightweight equatorial mount.
      The 86SQ is not only suitable for deep space shooting, but also excellent for photometry. It can also be used for celestial observation. The end of the focuser is equipped with a 2-inch visual interface, which allows use of various accessories such as a zenith mirror and eyepieces.
      The fully illuminated image circle of the 86SQ is 60mm, which means it can be used with full frame or even larger sensors. This apochromatic refractor telescope is equipped with a large 3" rack and pinion precision focuser, with a maximum payload of 6kg, and the end of the drawtube adopts a M82X1 large thread. There is a high-quality 360° rotator, and a built-in three-point tilting adapter that allows the adjustment of the optical axis of the attached camera, which can be an important feature for astro photography.
      The focal plane is 120mm from the end interface or 160mm from the 360° rotator, which fully meets the requirements of a wide range of photographic accessories. 
      Product parameters:
      Model: Ruixing (SharpStar) 86SQ
      Objective type: quadruplet fully separated APO (two of which are SD glass)
      Aperture: 86mm
      Focal length: 460mm
      Focus ratio: f/5.4
      Fully illuminated image circle: 60mm
      Accessories included: a pair of tube rings and dovetail bar
      Main tube outer diameter: 100mm (tube ring size)
      Net weight: 4kg (excluding tube rings and dovetail plate)
      Total weight: 4.54kg (including tube rings and dovetail plate)
      Total length of telescope (with extended lens shade): 490mm
      Total length of telescope (with retracted lens shade): 430mm

      (all pictures above are taken by xi 'an enthusiasts)