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      The new 3" full-frame reducer for 140PH APO is equipped with a solid body made of quality metal. It can effectively shorten the original f/6.5 focal ratio to f/4.8, indispensable in advanced astrophotograph with 140PH APO. The image, especially the stars around the edge can be much sharper, particularly preferred by those experienced astrophotographers.
      The reducer features a three-element air-spaced lens structure, a rotator and M48×0.75 thread.
      The back focus is standard 55mm and it can be morphed up to 105mm after threading off the rotator, providing more options for customers.
      At the front of the reducer there is M88×1 thread for the connection to the 4" 140PH focuser. The delicate optical design can satisfy users’ rigorous demand for high-quality images, an ideal device for sky-imaging.
      Focal ratio:f/4.8
      Image circle:44mm
      Lens:three-element air-spaced structure
      Outer diameter:88mm
      Back focus:55mm
      Coating:full-surface multi-layer coating